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              Shandong TianHua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

              About Us

              1523497810863536.pngAbout us

              Shandong Tianhua Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

              Company Profile

              Shandong Tianhua Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is an integrated enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales related to the manufacturing of Chinese herbal extract and Chinese herbal medicine slices import and expor t. Our company covers a total area of over 130000 square meters, and the total buliding area is more than 45,000 square meters.Tianhua Pharm owns more than 300 employees, including more than 60 professional technical personnel, and a number of experts composed of professional R&D team.

              Our company has 3 GMP certified production workshops, 1 GSP certified warehouse, 2 C-level laboratories, 1 provincial standardized research center and 4 GAP standard planting bases.We have realized the industrial chain layout from ecological planting, scientific procurement to processing and production, all links have the ability of independent inspection.Tianhua pharmaceutical has passed GMP, GAP, GSP, ISO9001, NSF, non-GMO, HALAL, ISO22000, Kosher and so on,the domestic marketing has been throughout the country of a number of large and medium-sized cities,In addition, it has founded long-term cooperative relations with hundreds of domestic enterprises of medicine, food, health care products and cosmetics.To better service overseas customers, we have  established a subsidiary company-Nutrimark Inc. in California.

              Tianhua pharmaceutical has been adhering to the business philosophy of "conducting business with integirty, flouring company with specializtion".On the basis of inheriting and developing the processing technology of traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to the "quality-basied, service-oriented" spirit of enterprise,committed to the development of new products and production process of continuous improvement and innovation,the company adheres to the concept of open cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win development, and is willing to work with friends from home and abroad to make unremitting efforts for the cause of human health.

              The development history of the company

              In 1988, Shandong Sanjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 1988.

              In 2002, Standardized cultivation of honeysuckle scientific research project" successfully passed the acceptance checking of the expert group of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

              In 2003, has obtained the third prize of science and technology progress of shandong province.

              In Dec.2009, our company has been awarded GAP certification by national bureau of honeysuckle, the first GAP certification base in China.

              In 2009, participated in the completion of the national "eleventh five-year" scientific and technological research project "honeysuckle standardized planting research”.

              In 2010, obtained "Key Supported Enterprise in National High-tech Zone”.

              In 2010, won the honorary title of “key supported enterprise in national high-tech zone”

              In 2010, won the honorary title of "key supported enterprise in national high-tech zone".

              In 2010, Participated in the "research on standardized planting of Chinese medicinal materials and comprehensive development and utilization of bulk Chinese medicinal materials in central China" project of the Ministry of Science and Technology "optimization and upgrading of standardized planting base of honeysuckle and comprehensive development of series of products".

              In Dec.2011, our company has obtained GAP certification from national bureaus of scutellaria and Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae.

              In 2011, won the honorary title of "municipal contract and trustworthy enterprise"

              In 2014, won the honorary title of "provincial forestry leading enterprise"

              In 2015, honorary title of "engineering laboratory"

              In 2015, participated in the national 12th five-year support project "optimization and upgrading of standardized planting base and comprehensive development of series of products" and the independent innovation project of shandong province "research on high-value product development and quality control technology of honeysuckle resources"

              In 2016, renamed as Shandong Tianhua Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

              In 2016, obtained drug manufacturing license.

              In 2016, successfully obtained Kosher certificate

              In 2017, successfully obtained GMP certificate.

              In 2017, successfully obtained ISO9001 certificate.

              In 2017, successfully obtained HALAL certificate.

              In 2018, won the honorary title of "specialized and special new" enterprise.

              In 2018, successfully obtained NSF certificate.

              In 2018, successfully obtained Non-GMO certificate.

              In 2018, successfully obtained garlic organic certification certificate.

              In Apr.2019, successfully obtained Health food manufacturing license.

              In 2019, successfully obtained "Enterprises with outstanding contributions"


              Advantages of our company

              Traditional Chinese medicine, as a traditional health treatment for the working people of China, it is still very popular today. With the rise of the consumption trend of "returning to nature" in the society, Chinese medicine is once again valued by people.

              The sales of traditional Chinese medicine are increasing year by year.With the rapid development of Chinese traditional medicine industry, the sales of Chinese herbal extract and Chinese herbal decoction pieces in the domestic medical market are increasing year by year.

              In 1994, the FDA issued a new regulation that allowed plant extracts with certain health/disease resistance to be marketed in the United States as "dietary supplements."

              Since then, a large number of plant extracts enter into in the north American market.Asia accounts for 40% of the total sales of plant extracts in the world market, Europe 35%, North America 17%, and other countries and regions in the world 8%.Europe and Asia together account for about 75% of the global market for plant extracts.China has a history of using botanical drugs for thousands of years, but the sales of botanical drugs have just started in the international market and the market potential is huge.

              According to the characteristics of natural plants, suitable conditions for production, the company chooses the geographical location of planting base, and strictly controls the agricultural residues and heavy metals of plants on the premise of ensuring the plant content. The planting base consists of production technology department, comprehensive management department, quality management department and finance department. It has more than 200 employees, including 20 with relevant titles of traditional Chinese medicine and 8 agronomists.

              The company has a natural plant extraction workshop, equipped with more than 100 equipment, and with first-class level facilities at home and abroad. It has a provincial-level standardized research center, a professional R&D team and more than 10 researchers.It has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong University of Traditional Chinese medicine, which provides long-term technical support, and with domestic well-known enterprises for strong joint, play their respective advantages.Engaged in plant extraction for more than 20 years, we have accumulated rich experience in plant extraction from Harbin Sanjing shuanghuanglian extract in 1998 to Tianshili Pharmaceutical Group nourishing serum brain granules extract.

              The company is equipped with two C-level laboratories, equipped with advanced high-performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, analytical day equality inspection and testing equipment, to ensure that the product quality data is accurate and controllable.The planting base is equipped with drying equipment, analytical balance, liquid chromatograph and other instruments, which can quickly determine the water content, component content, drying rate and other data of plants in the base, providing data support for the base.

              The company attaches great importance to agricultural residues and heavy metals of natural plants, and takes them as an important index for raw material detection.The planting base of our company implements the plant protection policy of "prevention first, comprehensive control", cultivates and selects excellent varieties of disease and insect resistance, adopts comprehensive control measures, USES less or no chemical pesticides as far as possible to ensure that pesticide residues of medicinal materials do not exceed the standard, so the company can achieve the goal of “safety, quality, stability and control”.

              The first one of the dominant products: Ginkgo Biloba Extract

              Ginkgo biloba leaves, are dry leaves of ginkgo branch plant ginkgo. Pick up the leaves when they are still green, and dry them in time.

              Ginkgo biloba leaves contain natural active flavonoids and lactones, which are beneficial to human health.It can dissolve cholesterol, dilate blood vessels, and improve brain dysfunction, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, dizziness, tinnitus, headache, alzheimer's disease and memory loss.It is the most ideal drug ingredient for preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Our company has established ginkgo leaf GAP production bases in Shaanxi,Hanzhong, and Pizhou, Jiangsu with an annual output of 5,000 tons of Ginkgo leaf.In order to achieve the goal of safe, effective, stable and controllable output of ginkgo biloba leaves, the cultivation and production of ginkgo biloba leaves can be standardized, large-scale and industrialized.

              Ginkgo biloba extract is the base ginkgo biloba leaves as raw materials, after extraction, concentration, refining, drying, mixing, packaging and a series of processing products.In the extraction workshop, a D-grade clean zone is established to ensure the microbial index of the product. The production adopts domestic and foreign advanced counter-current extraction equipment, which has the advantages of high contact conversion rate with added solvent, low loss and stable and uniform quality.According to the process production record submitted to CFDA, our company has obtained the record number: ZTCB20160160 LUGinkgo biloba extract is subject to the quality standards stipulated in the pharmacopoeia, and the product quality meets the standards of the 2015 edition of the pharmacopoeia and the quality standards of European and American countries.In 2017, we are preparing for the MFDS  registration.  Agricultural residues, heavy metals, ginkgolic acid all can  European and American national standards.The stability of ginkgo biloba extract was tested every year, and the quality of ginkgo biloba extract produced throughout the year was reviewed. The product quality was relatively uniform and stable.

              The second one of the dominant products: Citrus Aurantium Extract

              Citrus Aurantium, Chinese medicine name;Lime of the family rutaceae and dried young fruit of cultivated varieties or sweet oranges.Lime, small trees of the family rutaceae and citrus, densely leafy, spiny, spine-long spines up to 8 cm long.The leaf color is thick green, the quality is quite thick mainly produces in Sichuan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Jiangsu and so on."Drug conversion": "Citrus Aurantium only dissolves stomach solid, enlighten firm knot, therefore advocate medium wan to treat blood cent, cure umbilical abdomen solid full, eliminate phlegm desire, remove stop water, pursue night food, break knot bosom, purge loose bowel and close, must this cannot also.If skin makes urticant, because accumulate blood to stagitate in, cannot nutrition muscle surface, if food does not think, because spleen yu knot cannot carry change, all take its xin disperses bitter cathartic force also.For the blood part of the qi medicine, but this is called the most.

              In 2017, the extract obtained halal certification and Kosher Certification  respectively. The extract is a finished product made of the raw material of fructus auratus, which is extracted, refined, filtered and dried.The main component of the extract is hesperidin. Hesperidin can maintain osmotic pressure, enhance capillary toughness, shorten bleeding time, reduce cholesterol, etc. Hesperidin content is up to 90% HPLC and 95% HPLC with an annual output of 1000 tons.The extraction workshop is equipped with advanced production equipment, 12 sets of 6T extraction tanks, with large daily output, advanced equipment, energy saving, consumption reduction, efficiency improvement and high content.

              The third one of the dominant products:

              Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract(Resveratrol)

              Polygonum cuspidatum is a perennial herb.Rhizome stout, stem erect, up to 2 m tall, hollow, leaves broadly ovate or ovate-elliptic, subleathery, glabrous on both sides, apex acuminate, base broadly cuneate, truncate or nearly rounded, stipules membranous, panicle, flowers unisexual, dioecious, axillary;Bracts funnelform, perianth pale green, achene ovate, glossy dark brown, flowering in August-September, fruiting in september-october.It originated in east Asia and grew widely in China.The company has a standard cultivation base of polygonum cuspidatum covering an area of more than 5,000 mu, with an annual output of 5,000 tons of polygonum cuspidatum.The main functional components of polygonum cuspidatum are resveratrol and emodin.Resveratrol is a strong biological nature of natural polyphenols, also known as astragalus triphenols, is a tumor chemophenant, but also to reduce platelet aggregation, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease chemophenant.Other ingredients including dananthrone, emodin methyl ether and rhein have anti-inflammatory, arthritic and antimicrobial activities.

              Polygonum cuspidatum extract is widely used in food, medicine, health care products, cosmetics and other fields, mainly exported to the United States, Canada and Europe, widely popular abroad.Polygonum cuspidatum extract is a processed powder extracted from the plant polygonum cuspidatum.According to the content standard, the two specifications of resveratrol of our company are hplc50% and 98% respectively. The product quality conforms to the quality standards of European and American countries.The company has an independent workshop, reasonable extraction design layout, avoid cross pollution, to achieve the maximum energy saving and consumption reduction, improve productivity, increase production efficiency.Optimization of the product process, solvent residue can meet Europe, the United States and other quality standards.

              The fourth one of the dominant productsGarlic (tablet, powder, extract)

              Our company's garlic organic standardized planting base covers an area of more than 10,000 mu, including 5020 mu core demonstration base, with an annual output of 1,500 tons of garlic tablets.The base is located in Lanling county, Linyi city, Shandong province. Lanling county is located in the south of shandong province, in the coastal area of great opening, the yellow huaihai plain development of the intersection.Land monsoon climate is significant, four distinct seasons, it is hot rain season.In Spring, it is drought but less rain,  winter and spring is drought, the wind is warm and fast, the daily difference is larger;Humid, hot summer, rain concentration, easy to waterlogging;Autumn is cool also more drought;Dry winter less rain and snow, meteorological conditions suitable for the growth of garlic.With a history of more than one thousand years, garlic in Lanling county is a unique variety of Lanling after long-term natural selection and artificial cultivation under the specific ecological environment conditions.The garlic clove of Lanling is plump and substantial, garlic clove integrity, no insect injury, no mildew 4-6 cloves, garlic flavor is stronger, allicin and allicin content is higher, known as the first garlic.

              The production and processing of garlic powder is made by the clean selection, slicing, cleaning, drying and crushing of garlic in the organic base, and completed in the D-grade clean area to ensure the microbiological pharmaceutical enterprises of the products.It is a natural plant product.It can be seen in our daily life that garlic powder has a wide range of functions. Local people make garlic into garlic powder, garlic slices, garlic paste and other food.

              Alliin and cyoloalliin are the main sulfur compounds in garlic extract, have antibacterial, anti-hepatotoxicity and anti-aging effects. They can enhance the activity of fibrinolytic enzyme and have no stable odor, so they are suitable for clinical application.The method of extracting allicin in our company is supercritical extraction with the best stability, the highest yield and the best quality.The extraction rate can reach over 92%, the purity of allicin can reach 84%, and the annual production capacity can reach 500 tons.

              The fifth one of the dominant products:Grape seed extract

              Grape seed is the product of grape seeds separated from grape skins and stems.Grape seeds are rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which have the effect of health care and beauty.Grape seed extract is a new kind of highly effective natural antioxidant which can not be synthesized in human body.It is currently found in nature the strongest antioxidant, scavenging free radicals ability of substance, its antioxidant activity is 50 times that of vitamin E, 20 times that of vitamin C, it can effectively remove excess free radicals in the human body, antioxidant, allergy, anti-fatigue enhanced physique, improve the sub-health state delay aging, improve irritability, dizziness, fatigue, poor memory, etc.

              The raw material of white grape seeds is imported from Australia. The production of white grape seeds has an independent workshop to avoid cross-contamination. The workshop has world-class production and drying equipment. Grape seed extract from white grape seed net selection, extraction, filtration, refining, concentration, dry grape seed extract, our company adopts advanced production equipment at home and abroad, with advanced production technology, the production of grape seed extract containing procyanidin uv95% content, polyphenol content more than 70, the annual production and processing capacity of 3000 tons.

              The sixth one of the dominant products:

              Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae(Tanshinone extract, Salvia total phenolic acid)

              Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae,Chinese medicine name, first published in Shen Nong's Herbal Classic,It is dry root and rhizome of salvia miltiorrhiza from labiaceae.Harvest in spring and autumn , sediment removal, dry.It's in most parts of the country.It has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieving pain through the meridian, clearing the heart and removing irritation, cooling blood and removing carbuncle.It can be used in chest pain, abdominal pain, accumulation of symptoms, pain due to heat, insomnia, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, sore selection and swelling.Since 2008, our company has established a standardized planting base of salvia miltiorrhiza in authentic medicinal production areas of Shandong. The standardized planting base of salvia miltiorrhiza covers an area of more than 5,000 mu, including 1020 mu of core demonstration base.In 2011, it successfully passed the GAP base certification of Chinese medicinal materials issued by theCFDA, and became the first GAP base of danshen in China.Shandong as the salvia miltiorrhiza Chinese region, the skin is blood red, with tanshinone Ⅱ Dan phenolic acids A and B content is higher,  the quality is much better, etc.

              Salvia miltiorrhiza extract is made from the root and rhizome of salvia miltiorrhiza.Tanshinone extract, danshen total phenolic acid extract extraction solvent is different, extraction effective ingredients are different, with advanced production equipment, the use of pharmacopoeia standards according to the Chinese state food and drug administration process production, product quality can meet the 2015 edition of pharmacopoeia standards and European and American standards.

              The seventh one of the dominant products: Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract

              Scutellaria Baicalensis belongs to Chinese traditional medicine, which was first recorded in Shennong Materia Medica in the eastern han dynasty.Scutellaria scutellaria is the dry root of the labiata plant. Its root is used as medicine, bitter in taste and cold in nature, and has the effects of clearing heat, dryness and dampness, reducing fire and detoxification, hemostasis and antiabortion.Since 2008, our company has established a standardized planting base of scutellaria baicalensis in authentic medicinal materials producing areas of shandong. The standardized planting base covers an area of more than 5,000 mu, including 1,000 mu of core demonstration base, with an annual output of 6,000 tons of scutellaria baicalensis.In 2011, it successfully passed the GAP base certification of Chinese medicinal materials issued by the CFDA and became the first scutellaria GAP base in China.At present, the germplasm of scutellaria  planted by our company is an excellent plant formed by the local wild scutellaria plants after more than 30 years of introduction, domestication and optimization.

              Scutellaria extract is made from the root of scutellaria grown in GAP base, which has been extracted, concentrated, refined and dried.Extract workshop equipped with advanced production equipment, production capacity, the implementation of advanced equipment, saving energy and reducing consumption, improve efficiency, our company according to the report to the national drug supervision and administration of the production process for the record, and for the record number: ZTCB20160161, implement the quality standards set by the pharmacopoeia, the quality of the product conforms to the 2015 edition of pharmacopoeia standards and quality standards for the European and American countries.And agricultural residues, heavy metals are in line with European and American standards.The stability of scutellaria baicalensis extract was tested every year and the quality of scutellaria baicalensis extract was reviewed.

              The eighth one of the dominant products:Honey suckle extract

              Honeysuckle as a traditional Chinese medicine, the medicinal history has been more than 3,000 years.Our company has established a honeysuckle cultivation base in Pingyi county. As the main production area of honeysuckle, it is also a traditional and genuine production area. The total planting area of the base is about 18000 mu.In 2009, it passed GAP certification of Chinese medicinal materials of honeysuckle issued by CFDA, becoming the first GAP certification enterprise of honeysuckle in China.Honeysuckle has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, deeply loved by the vast number of people in China, the Chinese market is very popular, foreign market development and sales have a very broad development prospects.

              Our company has been engaged in the extraction of honeysuckle for more than 20 years of experience, the extraction of honeysuckle is the base of the collection of honeysuckle as raw materials, after extraction, concentration, refining, drying, mixing, packaging and a series of processing products.In order to avoid the loss of effective components in high temperature drying, honeysuckle extract is equipped with vacuum drying machine and other advanced production equipment at home and abroad.

              The ninth one of the dominant products:Forsythia Extract

              Forsythia, deciduous shrub, commonly known as a string of gold in Hong Kong, is a rhinoceros forsythia plant.Mainly produced in shanxi, henan and other places.Forsythia main efficacy have antibacterial, antiviral, strong heart, diuresis, protect liver heat-clearing and detoxicating, detumescence fights, the capillary rupture bleeding, subcutaneous blood spill hemostatic effect forsythia is mainly used to treat acute wind hot cold, carbuncle swollen chuangdu, lymph node tuberculosis, urinary tract infection, acute nephritis syndrome, such as for ShuangHuangLian oral liquid, ShuangHuangLian powder injection, qingrejiedu oral liquid, even the grass antipyretic oral liquid, fructus forsythiae jiedu granule of Chinese native medicine preparation such as the main raw material.Our company's forsythia planting base is located in Jiangxian county, Shanxi Province. It covers an area of 5000 mu and can produce 400 tons of forsythia annually.Relying on the scientific research advantages of shandong university of traditional Chinese medicine, our company's standardized forsythia planting base actively carries out research on standardized planting technology, and at the same time, strengthens management according to GAP's requirements, ensuring the quality of forsythia.

              Forsythia extract is a series of processed products, including extraction, concentration, refining, drying, mixing and packaging.Our company reported to CFDA for the record of process production, and obtained the record number: ZTCB20160162 lu. We have implemented the quality standards stipulated in the pharmacopoeia, and the quality of our products conforms to the standards of the 2015 edition of pharmacopoeia and the quality standards of European and American countries.The main components of forsythia extract are forsythia glycoside and forsythia ester glycoside A.The stability of forsythia extract was tested every year, and the quality of forsythia extract produced throughout the year was reviewed. The product quality was relatively uniform and stable.


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